Can I keep angelfish with other cichlid species?

Yes, they can coexist with other cichlid species under certain conditions.

Tank size matters

Ensure you have a sufficiently large tank. A 55-gallon tank or larger is recommended to provide space for different cichlid species.

Select compatible cichlids

Choose cichlid species known for their peaceful nature. Avoid highly aggressive or territorial cichlids.

Arrange hiding spots

Provide hiding spots and territories within the tank to reduce aggression and stress, rocks, caves, and plants can help create boundaries.

Monitor behaviour

Regularly observe the behavior of all cichlids in the tank. If aggression becomes a problem, be prepared to separate or rehome aggressive individuals.

Water parameters

Maintain appropriate water conditions for all cichlid species in the tank, including temperature, pH, and water quality.

When keeping cichlid species with angelfish, maintaining suitable water parameters is crucial to ensure the well-being of both fish types. Ideally, keep the water temperature between 75-82°F(24-28°C). This range accommodates both angelfish and various compatible cichlid species. pH ranges between 6.5 to 7.5, which can be suitable for many cichlid species along with angelfish.

Water hardness Moderate water hardness between 4 to 10 dGH is generally suitable for most cichlid species and is acceptable for angelfish as well.


Feeding both angelfish and cichlid species in the same tank requires a balanced diet to meet the Nutritional needs of all the inhabitants. For high-quality pellets or flakes choose a premium-quality pellet or flake food designed for cichlids. Ensure it provides a balanced diet including proteins, vitamins, and minerals, frozen foods offer a variety of frozen foods like blood worms, brine shrimps, or daphnia, and thaw and rinse these before feeding.

Prepare for compatibility variability

Remember that individual fish have different temperatures, and compatibility can vary by flexibility in your approach and willingness to adjust to make adjustments if necessary.

The following are compatibility variability

  • Dwarf cichlids- These species like German blue ram or Bolivian rams multi spinosus are generally peaceful and can complement angelfish.
  • Keyhole cichlid- These Fish are relatively tranquil and make good tank mates for angelfish due to their mild temperature.
  • Eartheaters- Certain species within the esophagus genus, like Geophagus Jurupari, can be suitable companions for angelfish.