What is the cost of keeping a chameleon as a pet, including setup?

A chameleon is a reptile that has the incredible ability to change colors and is very easy to care for, which makes them one of the most popular pet reptiles to own. Several pet owners are considering obtaining a chameleon as a pet, but they have a lot of questions regarding this matter, including how much it will cost, etc., which we address in this article.

It is estimated that there are over 200 species of chameleons available to pet owners worldwide. Therefore, pet owners have plenty of options as to which they wish to own one of them. Pet owners should also be aware that keeping a chameleon properly requires a great deal of responsibility, so pet owners should start by reading this article carefully and completely so they can obtain all of the information they need about owning one as a pet.

What are some of the popular chameleons to own as pets?

It is important to remember that owning a chameleon is an extremely big responsibility since you have to make sure that they are kept healthy with proper care and supplies. After pet owners have made sure they can keep them healthy, they then need to take the next step of owning them.

In order to own a chameleon, the first step is to choose the species of chameleon you want to own. We have provided many popular species of chameleons with prices below for your reference, so you can pick your favorite.

 Veiled chameleons  $60 to $200
 Panther  $250 to $500
 Jackon's  $60 to $250
 Ambilobe  $200 to $600
 Flap- Necked  $50 to $150
 Parsons Chameleons  $300 to $1000
 Senegal  $25 to $60

What is the cost of owning a chameleon?

It can be quite a costly investment to have a pet Chameleon, and you should be prepared to spend approximately $600 ( Minimum cost) on preparations for the arrival of your Chameleon. The cost of a chameleon does not just refer to the cost of the animal itself, but also to the cost of its cage, food, supplies, and pet vet care as well.

Having a chameleon is not a free affair. You will have to spend money on buying the chameleons, setting up the cage, and feeding them, and then there are some monthly expenses that need to be paid, such as cleaning and feeding them. In this article, we will break all of these expenses down, as you will see below.

Chameleon adoption or buying costs 

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing chameleons, such as species, where you can buy them, factors of cost, age, and sex. You can get them for any price between $50 to $500. You can see the table of species with prices above for more details. The price of an adult chameleon tends to be higher than the cost of a baby or juvenile chameleon. Male chameleons tend to be more expensive than female chameleons because they tend to have bright colors and live a longer life.

Chameleon enclosure or cage costs

Chameleons require a large space tank, which is at least 10 gallons, in order to thrive and live a long and healthy life, and it can cost between $50 and $100 to buy a good quality tank that is in good condition.

Baby Chameleons- $30 - $100

Adult chameleons - $50- $250

If you are looking to buy a tank for a chameleon, you can either go to a local pet store or you can buy it on Amazon through the link below.

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Chameleon Substrate and supplies cost

To have your chameleons live in captivity and feel that they are living in their natural habitat you need to supply them with substrate in their tank so that they can have a healthy life. This all comes at a cost of between $300 and $800. Here is a list of one-time supplies and their costs for your convenience.

  • Misting System -  $20- $80
  • Lighting- $20 - $100
  • Digital Thermometer and hygrometer- $20- $80
  • All Substrates- $100- $500
  • Heating System- $20- $80

If you wish to order supplies and substrate online, click the Amazon link below.

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Chameleon food and supplements costs

An insectivore animal, the Chameleon eats insects, which is why crickets, grasshoppers, and a variety of other insects are most commonly fed to pet chameleons. If you want to keep your chameleon healthy, you should give them additional supplements such as calcium and vitamins. The food supplements that you should give him will not be a one-time expense; you will need to buy the food every month, which will cost you approximately $100- $300 annually

There should always be a vet's consultation before you feed them for the first time, in order to ensure they are eating the right kind of food. Their food can be purchased from local pet stores or you can also purchase it online on Amazon, which is provided below.

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Chameleon Vet/ health/check-up costs

Having your Chameleons check-up with the veterinarian from time to time is very important in order to make sure they live a comfortable and healthy life. Since veterinarians specialize in animals, they are highly specialized when it comes to the check-ups of animals so it will cost a little high. So health checkups and vet visits can cost between $200- $400 dollars.  You can also get pet insurance plans for around $15 - $20 per month through the many pet insurance companies available in the market.

What are the cheapest chameleons to keep as pets?

As a pet chameleon, Veiled Chameleons (Chameleo Calyptratus) are one of the most affordable and popular choices because of the ease with which they can be cared for.

It is important that before buying a pet Chameleon, you conduct research and prepare yourself in advance in order to ensure the best care for them.