How can I get rid of chameleons in my yard and house?

It is well known that the chameleon lizard is a species of lizard known for its ability to change their color or appearance. Chameleons are normally found in tropical and subtropical climates throughout the world and have the ability to change their color or skin color depending on the environment. In areas where chameleons are the most prevalent animal, many people have the question of how they can get rid of chameleons from their yards and homes.

It is quite possible for chameleons to easily invade your home or garden if they are given the chance by holes or other sources and if you find them, you don't like them at all, unless you keep them as pets, and in that case there is a possibility that they will bite you.

If you want to find out what the ways are to get rid of chameleons from your house without harming them, then you should read this article in its entirety.

Are there any methods for getting rid of chameleons in my house or garden?

Yes, There are some ways that can be used to get rid of chameleons in your house or garden, and they are listed below. You can choose the one that best suits you.

Keep your home and garden insects-free by removing their food sources

As a way of removing chameleons from your home and yard, you should make sure to inspect your home and garden for insects as well as their food, since chameleons may be drawn to your house or garden by insects, which attract their food sources, so you should first eliminate all food sources of insects from your house or garden and food sources of chameleons means insects. This will prevent the chameleon from being in your house or garden again.

To remove insects from your house, you will need to buy a spray that will kill the insects and spray that in every area where you see insects, especially at the entrance of your house.

Use pepper spray to repel Chameleons

If you are trying to keep chameleons away from your house or garden, you can also use a type of pepper spray. It has been reported that chameleons are allergic to pepper, which irritates them and makes them walk away from your house or garden.

The most effective way to get rid of this problem is via the use of a simple spray that you can make using black pepper and water. Simply mix both of these ingredients and pour the solution into a bottle and shake it nicely. Spray this solution all around your house including all the walls, floors, and ceilings. You can purchase this from most local stores.

Use Tabasco Sauce Spray to repel Chameleons

In the same way that pepper spray works on chameleons, Tabasco saucy spray does the same thing to them. It will cause a burning sensation in their bodies, which will make them feel unpleasant and they will flee from it as soon as possible.

To use this method, you must first mix 2 teaspoons of Tabasco Sauce with water in a spray bottle, shake it, and then spray on the chameleons with this mixture. After this, the chameleons will never return to your home again after using this method.

By using natural predators, such as cats 

As an alternative way of getting rid of chameleons, you can use their natural predators, such as snakes, birds, and especially cats, which are known to eat chameleons, as well. If you have any of these animals in your home, then you may be able to keep them out of your house. They look for the chameleons and hunt and kill them.

Catch and Remove

The easiest way to get rid of chameleons from your house or garden is to catch and remove them, but in that case, you will only do that if you are willing to do it, and if you are not afraid of them. Using this method, you will not need to kill them. All you have to do is catch them and leave them somewhere far away from your home or garden.

In order for you to catch them, you will need to purchase a cage trap from your local store and bait it with live insects. When you bait the trap with live insects, you will be able to attract them. Once they are attracted, it is very easy to trap them in a trap cage. However, while doing this, you must be careful not to be bit by these creatures and to use gloves at the same time.

Using Electronic pest repellents

As a way to get rid of chameleons from your home or garden, using an electronic pest repellant is also a good choice. High-frequency noise is emitted by these devices that can only be heard by reptiles, such as chameleons, mosquitoes, and others, but cannot be heard by humans, as chameleons do not enjoy such sounds, so they go away from this sound and never return.

By using these devices in your home you can avoid the presence of chameleons as well as other reptiles such as mosquitoes in your home

You can purchase this device from your store or from Amazon. Below we have provided the link so you can buy it from your store or Amazon.

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Here are three other ways to get rid of chameleons in addition to the ones given above.

  • You should always keep your yard and home clean, this will help you to avoid being attacked by chameleons if they happen to come to your yard or home.
  • Check some holes, and rips in your home on a regular basis. Making sure your house does not have any of these holes, rips, and cracks will prevent Chameleons from entering
  • Whenever you notice that there are chameleons in your house, you can put cold ice water in them by using a spray bottle on them so that they will leave your house.

Note- You need to call pest control services in case you have a severe chameleon infestation in your yard or house, so that they can help remove the chameleons and offer you advice on how to get rid of them.