List of Saltwater Fish that are Easiest to keep


The cardinalfish is one of the more unique-looking choices and comes in different varieties such as the pajama Cardinal and bagaii Cardinal. The recommended aquarium size for this fish is 30 gallons. The cardinalfish tend to keep to themselves and will be most active at night. They like having plenty of places to hide during the day so make sure you give them live plants and rocks to explore. Cardinals are carnivores, meaning they feed on meat. 

The minimum tank size for a single cardinalfish or a pair is 10- gallons. They generally do so well in captivity that they are one of the easiest species to breed in the home aquarium.

Bicolor Blenny

It is a great choice for beginners because they're so peaceful. They send among the rocks and plants, occasionally peeking out to observe their surroundings. Bicolour blennies eat algae and other vegetable matter such as seaweed. It grows to a. Size of 11 centimeters in length, bicolour blenny is peaceful with tank mates but may scrap with other blennies.

True Percula clownfish

The true Percula clownfish is one of the most popular and arguably one of the easiest Marine fish to keep in an aquarium. True Percula clownfish have an orange body with three vertical white lines outlined in black. They feed on algae, very small shrimp, planktonic fish eggs, and fish larvae. They grow to about 4.3 Inches (11cm) in length, with females being larger than males.


Dottyback is a beautiful and exotic saltwater fish that thrives well in 30-gallon tanks. A great starter fish for beginners hobbyists, these little fish are generally easy to take care of and have a snake-like way of swimming. Dottybacks need plenty of hiding spots, and a good diet to be content and non-confrontational. Their diet usually includes meaty foods like shrimp and frozen foods.

Yellow watchman goby

It is a very fun fish to have, these beginner saltwater fish are bright yellow and can bring activity to the bottom of any tank. The yellow watchman goby is easy to feed and accepts marine flake food. They are carnivores and should be fed a varied high-protein diet. These species can grow up to around 4 in length. The yellow watchman gobies can live up to 5 years or a little longer, depending on their care and maintenance.

What is the best beginner saltwater fish tank size?

40 gallons or 60 gallons are recommended as the best tank sizes for beginners, both of these tank sizes are standard in size. These aquariums have a decent water volume, which can make them easier to manage. They don't take up too much space but can still hold a decent amount of livestock.

It totally depends upon the type of species you are taking care of, larger aquarium setups require a larger budget and more equipment but it also allows for much more life. Smaller setups need to be less expensive and don't allow much biodiversity. 

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