Which Fish can Live in Saltwater Aquarium?

Saltwater aquarium fish are also called marine fish or sea fish, and fish that live in seawater is called saltwater fish.
The average price of a saltwater fish is around $15 to $100 depending on the species.

Following are Saltwater Aquarium Fish-


Clownfish is one of the most popular saltwater fish, clownfish are easy to care for being one of the most popular saltwater fish, and food for it is easy to find. These are peaceful species of fish and are easy to care for and keep.

Green Chromis

The green Chromis is easy to care for and makes a great addition to a new saltwater aquarium. It is an active schooling fish and enjoys an aquarium with plenty of live rock, a great combination for the beginner saltwater fish keeper. Green Chromis are reef-safe; they won't attack other fish. Though they will feed on algae throughout the aquarium.

Cardinal fish

The cardinalfish is one of the more unique-looking choices and comes in different varieties such as the pajama Cardinal and Bangaii cardinal. The cardinal fish tend to keep to themselves and will be most active at night.


Hawkfish comes in different varieties and has an interesting look that adds interest to any saltwater aquarium. It is a good choice for saltwater beginners.

Following are the Most peaceful Saltwater Fish


One of the most popular saltwater fish, Ocellaris clownfish is the most popular variety of clownfish. These fish are one of the best choices for the beginner's saltwater aquarium.


Tangs are bright, active, and fun to watch in the reef aquarium. In the past couple of years, the price of tangs has risen dramatically. This is a direct response to Hawaiian bans that limit how tangs are collected and exported.


Banggai's are commonly available as aquacultured saltwater fish. Banggai cardinalfish are the easiest saltwater fish to breed once you get them paired up, but pairing them up certainly is a challenge. The minimum tank size for a single Banggai cardinalfish or a pair is 10 gallons. They are also easy-to-care-for aquarium fish that is peaceful to most other community fish, except for others of the same species.

Firefish goby

Firefish goby is a gorgeous, peaceful, and Calm saltwater fish for a community tank. This fish's bright colors make it stand out, Because of its small size, it can be kept in some Nano aquariums.

Following are the most Aggressive Saltwater Fish

Large Angel Fish

These fish are some of the most colorful and impressive with bold markings and personalities. These beautiful saltwater fish grow to extreme sizes and need large tanks.


Most Species of pufferfish are not reef-safe. There is a big difference between some of the largest Species and the smallest ones regarding diet, temperature, and space requirements. Owning a small and manageable saddle puffer.


Damselfish get to about 2 Inches in the Saltwater aquarium. They are considered good starter fish for cycling or breaking in a new tank because they are hardy adapt well to changing water and are inexpensive if lost. Most will become very aggressive once they are adult fish.


Triggerfish are large, aggressive aquarium fish that really have no place inside a delicate reef tank. These fish are full of character and can have beautiful colors. Best for beginners because it is commonly available.