Do Ball Pythons choke humans?

No, a Ball Python cannot choke a human, while they are constrictors, their technique for eating their prey is to squeeze or constrict it. However, because Ball Pythons are small animals, they are unable to choke humans by using contractions or by any other method.

Due to their docile nature, Ball Pythons do not pose a significant physical danger to humans in terms of their physical health. The Ball Python is not so wide that it can wrap around the neck of someone to constrict them. Additionally, their teeth are too small for them to puncture human skin; as a result, they will only cause minor scratches on your skin, and not any real damage.

It is important to understand that proper handling and husbandry are essential for the health and well-being of your Ball Python and that you should pay attention and play with your Ball Python in order to maintain a good bond with your pet.