Pros and Cons of Keeping a Ball Python as a Pet

In recent years, ball pythons have become very popular pet snakes because of their docility and ease of care. However, pet owners should be aware of the fact that owning a pet snake can be a very challenging task and there are many pros and cons to be considered before owning a pet snake.

Ball pythons are very docile animals, they are happy in their own environment and do not interact with their owners more in comparison to other pets. Before bringing them home, pet owners should understand the pros and cons of bringing them home, as well as be prepared to provide the necessary care.

If you are a pet owner who wants to find out more about the pros and cons of keeping a ball python as a pet, then you need to read this article carefully in order to have the knowledge that this snake is the ideal pet for you to own. In order to avoid future problems, it's important to know the cons of keeping them as pets.

Pros of owning a Ball Python as a pet

The pros of owning a ball python are very important to be aware of before owning them to help them decide whether it is worth it to choose them over other animals, so below we will list some of the pros that they have.

  • A ball python diet comes at a very affordable price and very cheap and they don't eat food on a regular basis, they eat it on a periodic basis every three to four weeks.
  • A ball python doesn't require too much attention; the fact that they are busy on their own means that they are not going to require that much attention from you.
  • In comparison to dogs and cats, ball pythons have a long life cycle around 20-30 years, so you won't have to worry that your pet will pass away as frequently as dogs or cats.
  • There are a lot of benefits to owning a ball python, including ease of care and low maintenance requirements.
  • If you own a ball python, you do not necessarily need to have a large house for them, as they are happy to live in a small cage that is about 3 feet wide and 5 feet long for them.
  • Ball pythons come in a wide range of colors, morphs, and patterns, allowing you to choose from a variety of patterns and colors to suit your preferences.
  • Ball Pythons are a really quiet and calm snake pet and you won't have to worry about them biting you or harming you at all
  • A ball python does not smell like hamsters or other rodents such as mice or rats.
  • The ball pythons are not easily susceptible to disease or infection if they are kept in good care.

Cons of owning a Ball python as a pet

A ball python is a very popular pet, but before you decide to keep one as a pet, you should be aware of the cons of owning a ball python. We have outlined below some of the cons associated with having a ball python as a pet

  • As ball pythons are not very interactive towards their owners, if you need a pet that will play with you all the time, then the ball python is probably not the best choice for you.
  • It is important to keep in mind that if you do not provide proper care to a ball python then they will become susceptible to different kinds of health problems. Therefore, if you decide to keep a ball python as a pet then you must always keep an eye on its habitat so that it is kept at the right temperature and humidity, and you should clean the habitat regularly.
  • It is very important that you know that you cannot keep a ball python hungry for a long time, as if they become hungry, they will become stressed or aggressive.
  • If you want a ball python in the best habitat, it needs a certain temperature and humidity level as well as a heating set-up to maintain good health and happiness. As a result, it can cost you quite a bit to provide it with the best habitat.
  • It is important to understand that ball pythons eat a variety of prey, such as different rodents, so you need to provide them with different prey for different feeding schedule days, therefore it is quite expensive for ball python owners.