How do I know if my Ball Python likes me?

Due to their docile nature, ball pythons are among the most popular snakes kept in captivity. As a result, many ball python owners are curious about how they can tell if their ball python pet loves or likes them. A ball python that loves its owner shows some signs, such as when you see them, they come in front of the enclosure, etc. In this article, we are going to explain all the signs that your ball python loves you.

Some signs show your ball python likes you or loves you.

There are a few signs below that indicate your ball python likes you or even loves you.

If they are calm and unhurried

If your ball python is calm, unhurried, sleeps comfortably, roams around you, and does not show any signs of stress it may mean that your ball python likes you or loves you.

When they try to rub their heads with their owners' hands

If you notice that your ball python is trying to rub its head with your hand, it shows that your ball python is trusting you. It also shows affection and likes you.

When they wag their tail in front of you

If your ball python wags its tail when you handle it, then it's a sign that he/she likes you or is in love with you.

It is important to remember that tail wagging may sometimes be a defensive behavior. It might be a warning that it is about to bite you.

Below is a list of some other signs that can be shown to you that your ball python likes or loves you

  • Hissing can also be a sign of affection towards its owner.
  • When they explore when you are nearby, it means they like you.
  • When they flick their tongue frequently while you are handling them, it usually means that they like you or love you.
  • It indicates that they love you if they come to the front of the enclosure when you are present.
  • If your ball python shows affection by wrapping around your neck or arm, then you can be sure he or she is very fond of you.