How long can a Saltwater Tank last without Power?

Your saltwater tank should survive for 2-3 days without a power supply, Temperature, water quality, and lighting really become a threat during power shuts off. For so long your aquarium fish didn't survive in the aquarium without a power supply because the water inside your aquarium will begin to cool down or warm up, matching the temperature inside your room. If the power stays off for hours or even days, the temperature changes could kill your fish. The loss of electrical power is a very stressful time, because when electrical power is lost to the aquarium, oxygen in the water will begin to fall, and ammonia level will begin to rise, and due to this water temperature will change. To reduce these changes you can install air pumps, battery backup systems, portable generators, and car battery-fed inverters to supply temporary power.

Depending on many variables such as tank size, temperature, and stocking levels, if the power is out for 2 hours or less your fish and other livestock can survive easily.

  • Temperature control is very important because your tank inhabitants can generally tolerate small swings in temperature for short periods of time.
  • Your aquarium fish can survive without light for many days.
  • In most instances, your aquarium can survive many days without filtration as long as oxygenation.

Following steps should be taken when the power is shut off-

  • If you want to maintain the temperature so Cover the tank with a blanket or shut out any ambient light.
  • Reduced or even stop feeding your fish will help slow down the metabolism of the fish and thereby use up less oxygen.

Solutions to keep your aquarium alive when the power goes out

  • The best option is that you can use or buy a battery-powered air pump. Buy on Battery Powered Air Pump on Amazon.
  • Install an automatic activating air pump to help when power is off.
  • Nowadays, solar-powered air pumps are also available on the market or online. Buy Solar Powered Pump on Amazon.
  • Air Stones create some water movement in your tank.
  • Another option is you can also do this by hand. Simply take a cup and fill it with tank water then dump it back into the tank to produce water movement and air bubbles.
  • The UPS unit ( uninterruptible power supply) also works as you'd get for a computer. They come in various sizes and capacities, and would probably get you through an outage of several hours, up to a day if you shut off all non-essential things and just concentrated on circulation Oxygen exchange. Buy UPS on Amazon.