Turning off the Air Bubbles in your Aquarium at Night

If you turn off the bubbles, there is no benefit to the tank in turning off the Bubbles, generally, you should leave the air running all the time, it is best for your aquarium because bubbles create surface agitation which helps keep your water oxygenated, as your aquarium also needs at night time, in my opinion, it is a bad idea to turn off the bubbles at night.

Air pump, also known as a bubbler. It is a device whose purpose is to oxygenate a fish tank's water and expel excess carbon dioxide out of it. The pump creates thousands of bubbles per minute and constantly agitates the aquarium water. As these bubbles rise, they drag gases like carbon dioxide to the surface, and when they pop on the surface, the water absorbs oxygen from the atmosphere.

The purpose of an air pump is to aerate the aquarium's water, without adequate oxygen, your tank inhabitants would perish.

There are multiple factors whether you can turn off a fish tank pump or not are-

  • Most important is which type of filter you have, or you are using for your aquarium.
  • Size of your tank, the number of inhabitants.
  • If you have a really large fish tank and not too many inhabitants, then it is probably fine to turn the pump off at night.

When you can turn off your air pump at night

  • When your filter and air pump are separated, or they are working separately then you can safely switch off your air pump for the night.
  • Or when you have small inhabitants that Means there is a lesser need for oxygen. Smaller fish require less oxygen compared to larger species. And having fewer tank inhabitants, including plants and other Marine animals, Means that less oxygen will be consumed in total.

When you can't turn off your air pump at night

  • When your filter and air pump are combined you don't have any option but to keep it running. Turning off the water filter for even a couple of hours, even if the water continues to get aerated through some other sources, can be deadly for your fish.
  • When there are too many fish in an aquarium, oxygen deficiency is very likely if the air pump is turned off. There won't be enough oxygen for all of the inhabitants to breathe, and as a result, Most of them will start gasping or even die, so you can't turn off your air pump at night.