Aeration in Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater aquariums are aerated by using air pumps with air stones, and a filtration system with aerators. The easiest way to aerate the aquarium is when you have the aerators and the filtration system in one device. This allows for ample aeration and also for the removal of body wastes, uneaten food, and other water contaminants. Your fish can only survive in water that has adequate oxygen, and like all human beings, they need to breathe also, Like that fish also needs because they live in water. 

Aquariums are generally aerated by using air pumps with air stones, filtration systems with aerators, or the easiest way is by returning the water into the tank, in the form of a small waterfall.

Mainly there are three parts to an aeration system made, the pump, the air tool, and the tubing that connects them. The Aeration system helps in maintaining good water quality.

Choosing the right air supplier for your saltwater tank is very important for Aeration

An air pump is a pump that pumps the air from the room, through an airline, and air stone into the water. This is why the air pump should be placed above the tank. And the easiest way to aerate the tank is when you have the aerator and the filtration system in one device.

Following are the devices most commonly used to increase aeration in fish tanks, are filters, power heads, air stones, and aerating decorations.


Air diffusers are commonly known as airstones. Air Stones are very popular and produce pretty bubbles that some use as part of their tank decor. They are made of semi-porous materials, each affecting the size of the bubbles. Attaching an air stone makes the water circulation much better. Adding an air stone will keep the water cleaner, provide the fish with more oxygen, and has a lot of health benefits for Aquatic life. It also increased water circulation in the tank.

How do air stones work for aquariums?

Air Stones are very helpful for your aquarium to oxygenate it. We need to hook up to an electrical air pump, after that they'll start releasing air and creating bubbles in the tank. Bubbles float to the water's surface, causing oxygen to be diffused into the water, while doing this, they make a small current to ensure that oxygen reaches every corner of the tank. Air stones are products that are used to increase the amount of oxygen in aquarium water.


Powerheads are essential in saltwater aquariums to recreate ocean currents and circulate water. For smaller aquariums under 80 liters, powerheads are used or you can use one larger-sized powerhead. But the best is to use two smaller sized at opposite ends of aquariums for medium and large-sized aquariums you can use two, three, or more units at various and opposing positions around the aquarium.

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Protein Skimmers

Air-driven foam fractionators are also called protein skimmers. They also help in increasing the oxygen levels in your aquarium. It is a piece of equipment used in saltwater aquariums for two purposes only. It removes waste in the form of organic compounds from the water and also oxygenates the aquarium. It purifies the aquarium water as well as, and also increases the oxygen content of water.

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Basic Devices Used in Aeration

There are some devices that help in the aeration of a saltwater aquarium. Basically, two types of them are those that infuse oxygen directly into the water (such as air stones and decorative bubble walls and are even more effective)

Certain types of filters also help in aerating the water as well. Any filter that uses air bubbles to operate will provide Aeration. These include hang-on-back filters and trickle filters.

Hang-on-back filters

They only keep water moving around, which allows the oxygen that enters the water via gas exchange to be circulated around the tank.

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Trickle filters

Trickle filters do a great job of aeration, one type of sump filter is called a trickle filter. In trickle filters, the water flows into a tray with many small holes in it. 

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Effect of Temperature on Oxygen Available in Aquarium Water

Aeration is the process of increasing or maintaining the oxygen saturation of water in both natural and artificial environments, and it is said that a fish's consumption of oxygen increases after feeding up to 50%, because of the energy demands of digestion and growth, also they are cold blooded, so the speed of their metabolism corresponds to the temperature of the water they're swimming around in.

The main problem is that the warmer the water gets, the more active the fish become and the more oxygen they need to fuel their increased activity. If the temperature increases by 10° their demand can double or triple, but warm water also holds less oxygen.

What is the main factor that affects the aeration of Saltwater Tanks?

The main factor which affects the aeration in the saltwater aquarium is the surface area of the tank. The larger the surface area, the more air you can get into the water by the movement of the surface water. This also allows the CO2 to dissipate from the water. This is why tanks with large surface areas are the best for marine tanks.

How do I Aerate my Fish tank Without Electricity?

Many times we face problems of aeration in fish tanks when electricity is gone. At that time a simple and effective way is to use any type of clean cup, pitcher, or other container, scoop out and fill it with aquarium water. Pouring water from a height and pouring the water back into the tank, and repeating this process many times, are some ways to quickly increase oxygen in fish tanks. These methods allow more oxygen to be dissolved in the aquarium.