Changing the Water of your Fish Tank

Changing your fish tank water in a week is important because if your tank water looks clear, it doesn't mean it is clean; some particles of food and waste are still present. So changing the aquarium water is important for fish health.

To keep your fish healthy and happy throughout their life you should follow the process of changing the tank water regularly.

Steps for changing fish tank water

  • Always remove fish while cleaning the tank.
  • Prepare your bucket or tank and put your fish in that tank while cleaning.
  • Clean the inside of the glass.
  • Completely replacing the water in the fish tank is a bad idea because it will remove beneficial bacteria that live in the tank.
  • You have to reset the nitrogen cycle. If not, they will kill your fish. If you regularly clean your tank, doing a partial water change is the best option.
  • Good bacteria are necessary for the water to help maintain your fish's health.
  • For a smaller tank, change out 10%-15% of the water each week.
  • For a larger tank, change 20% of the water each week.
  • Always avoid changing the water completely, you can do it 10%-15% at a time.
  • Unplug your aquarium equipment- don't damage your tank filter or other systems by leaving them, on the whole, you can change the water.

Why are my fish acting weird after the water change?

Fish acting weird after the water change because of the following reasons-

Why are my Fish dying after a water change?

It is due to sudden, and large water changes occurring. That causes such a drastic shift in the water parameters that the fish often cannot tolerate and lead to sudden death. High or low pH or temperature is also one of the reasons for fish dying after a water change.

Fish died after the water change due to the following reasons-

  • Improper water change can lead to complications.
  • If you remove Beneficial bacteria, the fish might have gotten sick and didn't have enough energy to swim to the top.
  • Changes in water chemistry and water temperature.
  • Fish can go into osmotic shock and die.

How do you Save a Dying Fish after a water change?

  • Remove the fish and move it immediately to a tank with ideal water parameters.
  • Perform all regulatory tests like using water testing kits to see the water parameters. It will help you to determine the cause of this occurrence.
  • Test the pH levels, Ammonia levels.
  • Check the air pump.
  • Dechlorinate the water.

Why should we change fish tank water?

Your aquarium water may look clear, but stirring the substrate may reveal that leftover food has settled in the bottom of the tank, which will harm your fish, and leftover food become poisonous after some time. Changing the tank's water on a regular schedule will help reduce the amount of waste, harmful by-products, and algae that threaten both water quality and fish health.