How to take care of fish during summer?

Most fish in our tank are tropical and can survive in summer easily if you have cold-water fish like goldfish, koi pond, etc. They have some issues during summer but you can add ice cubes directly into the aquarium water. In summer warmer temperatures algae may grow more rapidly and your aquarium may require more frequent cleaning and water charges.

During summer you should check the temperature of the water once in a while and remove the heater during summer. You should have a powerful air pump turned on and frequently change the water.

At night water temperature is much lesser but when the temperature rises beyond 30 degrees celsius then you can add ice cubes. 

During summer, covering the aquarium with curtains can prevent smaller airborne particles from getting into your tank and polluting your water.

You should Take care of Baby Fish very closely as they are more prone to diseases compare to adult fish.

How to cool the aquarium

  • Remove heat sources
  • Change the locations
  • Evaporative cooling is a very effective method
  • Remove aquarium lid
  • Add Frozen water bottles or partial Aquarium water changes

Most important depending on the climate where you live because during summer it is difficult to control the temperature of your tank as the temperature surrounding the tank begins to rise. 

You may need to do some research regarding the species of fish you are cultivating.

Always check the water temperature with a thermometer. It is very important to check the temperature of the water because it has negative effects on your fish in terms of stress, and also it can have a physiological impact as well.

During summer we should take some simple precautions

  • Avoid putting your tank in direct sunlight. It helps to keep the water temperature stable and also it will help mitigate the excess growth of algae.
  • If you are able to keep your tank in an air-conditioned room, you will be less likely to be plagued by temperature control problems.

Aquarium care needs a few minutes each day to make sure all systems are functioning. In summer, when water is warmer than usual, the metabolism process increases in every fish's body. The good they eat breaks down more quickly and turns into energy.

We are able to fulfill the fish's hunger by feeding it more. But the more it will eat, The more waste is produced. This uncleaned waste or extreme hunger results in fish death.

Ideal Temperature

The ideal temperature range is different for each fish. Most tropical fish prefer 70-78 F. Cold water fish like goldfish do not require a heater and can survive a temperature as low as 60 F.

Placing a fan or table fan in front or over the tank can maintain the temperature.

In summer water becomes warm, and oxygen doesn't dissolve in warm water easily. This causes respiratory problems so for cooling down of water we should use a fan or other methods so that temperature is maintained.

Do not overstock fish as they need more oxygen and also the amount of waste they produce is increased, Due to this, it gives bad effects on filtration.

Aquarium light generates more heat, so minimize aquarium light.