Do Goldfish Have Feelings?

Yes, like other fish goldfish do have feelings, they can learn and process information. Pet goldfish can distinguish between humans, and often recognize the human that regularly feeds them.

Following are the feelings that have been seen in goldfish-

  • They feel the negative effects of isolation, and they get upset.
  • They get jealous and defensive.
  • In Goldfish, you can see both positive and negative feelings too.
  • Sometimes they get pissed and suddenly happy.
  • Usually, goldfish swim up to meet you because they think you are going to feed them. They know they depend on you and love you back. Fish can feel pain, fear, and psychological stress. Goldfish can hear sounds even though they don't have ears.

Signs That Goldfish shows when feeling Happy and Healthy

  • Swim actively throughout the entire tank, not just hanging out or laying at the bottom, floating near the top, or hiding behind plants and ornaments.
  • Eat regularly and swim to the surface quickly at feeding time.
  • Fish have complex nervous systems and react to painful stimuli the way all animals do- their breathing Rate increases, their muscles contract, and they try to escape, they feel pain.

Can Goldfish Hear You?

Yes, goldfish can hear you talk, but barely, unless you are shouting. Sounds that are created above water typically do not carry enough force to penetrate the surface tension of the water, so talking on the boat or loud noise may not affect fish as much as your fellow anglers may want you to think.

Can Goldfish Feel Pain?

Yes, goldfish can feel pain, fear, and psychological stress. Goldfish have been known to live for over 40 years. Goldfish can recognize people's faces. Goldfish have a memory span of at least three months. They can tell different faces apart and can distinguish between different shapes, colors, and sounds. Goldfish have no eyelids, so they have to sleep with their eyes open. They don't like to be kept in the dark, and unlike humans, they can see ultraviolet and infrared light.