Finding out a Stressed Fish

There are a few different signs that your fish could be stressed, catching stress signs early can help prevent illness and even death in some cases.


  • Odd swimming
  • When fish are stressed, they often develop odd swimming patterns.
  • Rubbing himself on gravel or rocks.
  • If a fish is stressed, it will not eat.
  • When fish have a parasite, such as ich (little white spots), fungus ( white cottony growths), or bacterial infection. (Red spots on fins and Belly).
  • If your fish is brightly colored, it becomes much paler in color, chances are pretty big that it is stressed out.


  • Make sure your fish is adapting- The first step will involve a lot of research on the type of fish you are about to purchase.
  • Unfavorable environment.
  • Improve water condition- When the condition of the water is poor it can cause lots of stress if they are poorly maintained.
  • Presence of added chemicals or medications in fish's tank.
  • Additionally, an improper diet can cause stress.
  • Wrong tank mates - If your fish is housed with other fish that are aggressive, and territorial they may harass the other fish to the point where it becomes stressed out.
  • Lack of dissolved oxygen - Water does not contain enough dissolved oxygen, this may also lead to stress in fish.
  • Lack of aquarium decor - Put live plants in aquariums, it helps stabilize nitrogen and carbon dioxide levels. Adding decor for your fish to hide in and swim around is not only fun for them but often helps reduce stress in the aquarium, as long as you remember to clean it regularly.
  • Water filter - Always check the water filter, keep checking the water filter to ensure it is still working and that no filtrate is blocking the filter.

How to calm down stressed fish

  • Add the right tank mates.
  • Right water temperature.
  • Proper feeding.
  • Having a suitable aquarium filter.
  • Add more decor ornaments.
  • Compatibility ensures that the fish you keep are compatible with each other and will not pick on other species in the tank.
  • Keep water levels, temperature, and chemistry consistent with the help of Test kits and pH monitors. Saltwater tanks require a pH level between 8.0 to 8.9. And freshwater requires 6.5 to 8.0. You can easily buy these products on Amazon.
  • Trying a stress coat product. This is a unique formula that is scientifically proven to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue by forming a synthetic slime coating on your fish. You can easily buy this product on Amazon.

How can I make my fish happy when they are stressed

Fish love nibbling on plants and swimming around floating objects. keep the aquarium clean. Introducing new batchmates of fish to the aquarium. If you think your fish may be stressed, speak to an Aquatics specialist who may be able to help diagnose the issue and help you find a solution.