Popular Aquarium Fish

Neon Tetra, Goldfish, Platies, Rainbowfish, and Betta fish are popular freshwater fish to beautify your Aquarium. Clown Anemonefish, Blue-green damselfish, Pink spotted watchman goby, and Volitan lionfish are the most popular saltwater fish you can have in your Fish tank.

First, we are going to see the most popular freshwater fish.

Neon Tetra

One of the most well-known freshwater fish is neon tetra. Small in size, thin, and easy to care for fish that's ideal for new owners. 

Neon tetra does not grow very long, reaching only 2.2cm in length. They're known for being a very peaceful and Calm species of freshwater fish.


It is a beautiful species that can grow up to 14 inches long Lifespan of some goldfish is 25 years or even longer. These fish need constant maintenance, weekly water changes, and filters. Goldfish can come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and breeds.


They come in numerous exotic colors. They are typically peaceful fish. Platies require plant-based foods and Proteins, though they can also eat meat-based foods.


This fish needs less care and is easy to care for. Their vibrant colors don't exactly break in until they mature into adulthood. These fish can be pretty shy and are usually peaceful with other fish in their tanks.

Betta fish

Betta fish are beautiful colors and are easy-going for the most part. Betta fish are known for their highly territorial and aggressive nature with other fish. If your betta fish is peaceful enough, they can be kept in a large tank with other fish species.

Most popular saltwater Aquarium fish

Clown Anemonefish

Clown Anemonefish is a clownfish that is most popular and arguably one of the easiest Marine fish to keep in aquariums. The appearance of clown Anemonefish is black and white color.

Blue-green Damselfish

Blue-green damselfish belongs to the damselfish family. These fish are non-aggressive. The blue-green damselfish eats tank foods and adapts to tank life very well.

Pink spotted watchman goby

Due to their appearance, it is known as pink-spotted watchman goby. It requires 30 gallons.

Rarely aggressive towards other fish species, It is territorial and will fight with others of the same species unless they are a mated pair.

Volitan Lionfish

This fish is also known as the common lionfish. It prefers to spend most of its time swimming in the open. It is pretty long-lived and grows large (up to 15 inches). It requires a large aquarium. The fin spines of Volitan contain a powerful toxin that can cause a very painful sting, possibly fatal if you are allergic.