Making a Bond with your Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are one of the most docile and calm species of reptile. They are easily handled, but they require proper care and it may take a few weeks before they start bonding with you.

You can build a good bond with your leopard gecko if you provide them with a good environment and learn how to properly care for your geckos as well as how to handle them properly, this will lead to good bonds between you and your leopard gecko.

In order to create a bond between your leopard gecko and you, you should take patience and a calm nature into consideration. A good bond between pet owners and pets is the key to making them happy.

What are the tips for bonding with a Leopard Gecko?

As we know leopard geckos are one of the most docile pets in the world. They have characteristics that make them easy to handle, but it is a challenging accomplishment to create a strong bond between a pet owner and their beloved gecko.

There are some tips you should follow to create a strong relationship between you and your leopard gecko.

Provide safe habitat for them

When you want to bond with your pet leopard gecko, the first thing you should do is ensure that their habitat is safe and ideal for them to thrive. You must ensure that the tank is properly set up. This means that the tank should be the right size for them, the hides must be present, and all the necessary substrates will help them make their initial bond with you.

As well as this, you should also ensure that there are no sharp edges on the tank and that no noises are coming from the environment where they live. This will make them feel safe and secure with you.

Reward them with treats

You can treat them to their favorite food in a treat with your hand, so they will feel positive about you and the bond you have with your leopard gecko will grow stronger over time.

If you want to make sure that your leopard gecko is healthy and happy, you should provide it with wax worms and crickets. These are the favorite foods of many geckos, and they are also tasty and nutritious for them.

Talk to your Leopard Gecko

When you talk to leopard geckos and giving them a name using a soft voice will help you to make strong bonds with them. You must talk to them when you feed them food this will help to become geckos friendly and fearless with you.

Handle the Leopard Gecko properly

If you handle them correctly, you'll also develop a good bond with them. The first thing you should do is allow your pet to lick your hand as well as smell you. This lets them know that you are not a threat. If the gecko climbs up your arm, it means you're friends.

While handling your leopard gecko, do not show any precocity at all; always maintain a positive and patient attitude while handling your leopard gecko.

Make sure you lift them correctly

The way you lift a leopard gecko plays a vital role in the process of creating a strong bond between you and the animal if they are lifted the wrong way, such as lifting them from their tail, they will experience pain and start to fear you.

The safest way to lift them is to slide your hand under their body and lift their full weight with your hand. This is the most effective way of lifting them.

When bonding with a Leopard Gecko, What should you avoid?

As pet owners, we all want our bond with our pets to be as strong as possible. However, sometimes some mistakes can cause it to deteriorate.

There are some mistakes you should avoid when making a strong bond with your leopard gecko, as listed below.

Don't handle new Geckos too early

Whenever you buy a new leopard gecko, they will be very scared at the beginning as you will be their first owner and the environment will also be new for them. You need to give them some time to adjust to you.

If you handle them too early, then your image on Gecko will be ruined, and you will be unable to establish a bond with them.

You should not lift the baby leopard gecko up

It is recommended that you wait to lift it until it is at least five months old because baby and hatching geckos are very soft and delicate. If you accidentally injure a baby or hatchling gecko, the gecko may become panicked and fearful of you.

Do not disturb your leopard gecko during the daytime

As leopard geckos are nocturnal, they will not offer to be out during the day, as they are active at dusk and dawn. If you disturb them throughout the day, they will take the stress and this will result in a negative bond between you and your leopard gecko.

Do not touch your Gecko with dirty hands

It is always a good idea to wash your hands before and after meeting your leopard gecko as it will help your gecko remain healthy and disease free. Also, if you have long nails, you cannot touch the belly of a leopard gecko as long nails may scratch your gecko's belly.

How do I know if my Leopard Gecko trusts me?

Leopard gecko is likely to react toward you and may even hang onto your arm and lick your hand if it trusts you; however, if it stays away from you and always presents a distance from you, and is scared of you then it won't trust you.

How often should I hold my Leopard Gecko?

Holding your leopard gecko once a day in the evening time is important because it will help you to form a good bond between you and your leopard gecko and you will become more familiar with each other.