Can Leopard Geckos make sounds?

Yes, leopard geckos can make sounds just like other reptiles. They do this to convey their feelings and emotions to you or other geckos. Each leopard gecko will sound slightly different, even though they are generally the same type of Reptiles.

The gecko can make sounds when trying to tell you something. They can make a variety of sounds, including clicking, screaming, barking, hissing, chirping, barking, etc.

The leopard gecko is usually quiet and calm, but when it produces a sound, the owner will become concerned, wondering why he or she is producing this type of sound. We intend to provide this article to help their owners understand why leopard geckos produce different sounds, and what the reasons are for those sounds. To learn about Leopard geckos sounds, you should read through this article carefully to gain a thorough understanding of them.

What causes my Leopard Geckos to make sounds?

As you know Leopard geckos are very quiet and calm reptiles, but when they suddenly make noise or sound, then their owners get worried. In this situation, the owner of the gecko should not worry, because the gecko can make noise for a variety of reasons.

Following are the reasons why Leopard Gecko makes sounds.

  • A gecko will make noise when they are in a situation where they are in danger.
  • This is a situation in which geckos are bullied by their tankmates for competing for food or other reasons.
  • They also make sounds when they are happy and comfortable.
  • Anger causes them to make sounds as well
  • When leopard geckos fall off the rock while climbing.

Some common sounds that Leopard Gecko makes

Many reptile species are mostly or completely silent. However, some of them, including geckos, are known to make sounds in order to express their feelings. Leopard geckos can make several types of sounds which are described below.


In leopard geckos, chirping is one of the most typical sounds they produce. Birds can make a chirp, and insects with high voices display their happiness, although leopard geckos can also chirp.

There are some reasons why geckos make these sounds, and they can be found below.

  • Geckos make chirping sounds when they are happy, as well as when they are satisfied.
  • When Leopard geckos are trying to attract female Leopard geckos.
  • It is also possible that they may make chirp sounds when you handle them very roughly.
  • The chirping sound they make is also a sign of their hunger.


Barking is a low pitch creaking sound usually heard coming from dogs, but geckos are also capable of making similar noises. It is a sound similar to that of a clicking sound, but it is slightly hoarse.

Here are a few reasons why leopard geckos make barking sounds.

  • The Barking sound is made by the Leopard geckos whenever they are scared and uncomfortable.
  • Leopard geckos make barking sounds whenever they are in a bad mood and trying to bite you, so you can be certain that they are aggressive toward you.
  • Sometimes when you forget to feed them, they will also make barking sounds in the meantime.
  • Occasionally, they will also make barking sounds when they are infected with some disease.


Another common sound made by a Leopard gecko is clicking. Clicking is a loud, short sound that is produced by your gecko. A younger gecko produces more clicking sounds than an older one.

Here are a few reasons why leopard geckos make clicking sounds.

  • When your gecko is stressed, afraid, or in an uncomfortable situation, it will produce clicking sounds in order to express its stress.
  • Whenever your gecko is handled badly or carelessly, then it produces clicking sounds as a result.
  • It is common for your gecko to make clicking noises whenever it attempts to communicate with you or tells you hello.
  • It has been observed that whenever you handle your gecko during its shedding period, they produce a clicking noise.
  • There has also been reported that they make clicking noises when the habitat of the leopard gecko is too warm, or when the tank is too close to too loud noises.


A hiss is a sound produced or emitted by a snake or a gecko that produces a sharp sound. Basically, it is the sound created by the letter s prolonged. Snakes are the main producers of hissing.

It is due to two reasons that leopard geckos make hissing sounds, which are listed below.

  • Geckos produce hissing in order to prevent stress from arising.
  • When a gecko is suffering from discomfort or something is wrong with him, it will produce a hissing sound to indicate this.


A scream is a loud, high-pitched sound that geckos make when they are scared, excited, or angry.

The following are reasons why geckos scream.

  • The Geckos produced screams whenever they were in a defensive state, so beware.
  • When your gecko is stressed and they are suffering from being threatened, it will release a scream as a way to cope.

Does the Leopard gecko make noise at night?

Yes, Leopard geckos make noise at night as they are nocturnal reptiles, which means that they do all their activities during the night instead of during the day, such as eating, roaming, etc. They make one-of-a-kind sounds to keep you awake.

As a new owner of a leopard gecko, you will probably wonder why your gecko makes so much noise at night instead of sleeping peacefully. Leopard geckos are nocturnal reptiles that do all their work at night, so you should always feed them at dark hours and keep them in a peaceful environment.