Can Leopard Geckos eat Earthworms?

Yes, Leopard Geckos eat earthworms. They are not toxic for them but they do not enjoy eating them as they don't like the taste. Some leopard geckos will smell the earthworm and reject them immediately because earthworms secrete fluids that leopard geckos find offensive.

Earthworms have too much water content which is not good for geckos' healthy life. They also contain parasites and other nasties.

Mix earthworms with cricket, silkworm, and other insects for their healthy diet. They are rich in protein but low in fat and calcium.

Why should Leopard Geckos not Eat Earthworms?

Feeding leopard geckos earthworms is not recommended for several reasons some reasons are given below-

  • Secretions- Earthworms secrete a fluid from their clitellum which is present in the collar of Earthworms for protecting their eggs that leopard geckos find offensive. Earthworms also release mucus that acts as a moisturizer for the skin.
  • Large Size- Baby leopard geckos can eat insects about ⅜ inches, juvenile leopard geckos can feed insects ¼ inches and adult leopard geckos feed 2.5 inches long as well however the average size of Earthworms is between 9-14 inches.
  • Less like among Geckos- Geckos never like to eat earthworms from the very beginning. They don't like the taste of Earthworms.
  • They contain High moisture- Earthworms contain 82% water which may not be the best for leopard gecko's health.
  • Low Nutrients Density- They are not rich in nutrients as compared to other insects.
  • Risk of roundworm infection- Roundworm infections usually happen when geckos eat earthworms because Roundworms could accompany earthworms.
  • Risk of Diseases- Earthworms carry various parasites, like platyhelminths, nematodes, and protozoa which make geckos sick.

Can you feed Leopard Gecko Wild Earthworms?

No, Feeding wild earthworms to your leopard gecko are very harmful to their health. Because wild earthworms or backyard earthworms have a lot of parasites, mould, and bacteria which are not good for your leopard geckos.

Earthworms that you found in nature may have contact with chemicals or heavy metals and could be harmful to leopard geckos.

Do Earthworms Carry Parasites?

Yes, In the wild earthworms consume a high amount of organic chemicals. They are known to find various parasites like nematodes, Platyhelminthes, and protozoa which make geckos very Sick and other health issues

Is It Safe For Baby Leopard Geckos To Eat Earthworms?

No, it is not safe for leopard geckos to eat earthworms because of their large size of Earthworms. Earthworms' size is between 10-14 inches whereas baby leopard geckos feed insects with a length of about ⅜ inches. Larger than this size harms gecko's Health. Feed them small crickets, Dubia roaches, and hornworms instead of Earthworms

Benefits of Feeding Earthworms to Leopard Geckos

Earthworms are high in protein but they are low in calcium. Two benefits are given below -

Low fat Amount- Being overweight puts strain on Gecko's body organs and shortens lifespan. Some insects like spiders, butterworm, and super worms are high in fat but earthworms have less than 2% fat content.

Easily digest- Earthworms have a very soft exoskeleton that can be eaten by leopard geckos. They have very less cellulose content which is perfect for Leopard Geckos.

How often should you feed earthworms to Leopard Geckos?

Leopard Geckos are insectivores meaning they eat insects only. You should give the gecko an earthworm once or twice every two weeks.

Is Leopard Geckos suffer digestive issues after eating Earthworms?

Yes, leopard geckos suffer digestive issues after eating. Don't force them to eat something they don't want to. If leopard geckos ignore earthworms in their diet it means they don't need them. Some digestive issues after eating earthworms are as follows-

  • Risk of constipation
  • Chance of impaction
  • Vomiting
  • Some other health issues

Mix earthworms with cricket, silkworm, and other insects for their healthy diet.

Nutritional value of Earthworms

Moisture 82%
Fat 1.60%
Protein 9%
Calcium 442 mg/kg
Magnesium 136 mg/kg
Phosphorus 1590 mg/kg
Ash 0.6%

Other insects You can Feed Your Leopard Geckos

Sometimes leopard geckos refuse earthworms in their diet. In that situation, you can feed them other insects like-

  • Dubia roaches
  • Crickets
  • Locusts
  • Mealworms
  • Hornworms
  • Superworms
  • Butterworms
  • Silkworms

Check a detailed guide on Feeding your Leopard Gecko.