Do Leopard Geckos need Misting?

Yes, Leopard geckos need misting. Misting helps them stay hydrated and shed more efficiently. The humidity and moisture levels in the tank are also increased by misting. It is also very beneficial for baby leopard geckos that shed a lot, as well as leopard geckos who face shedding problems.

It would be best if you also misted the tank walls because a habitat without any moisture can cause serious health problems for leopard geckos.

Why should I Mist my Leopard Geckos?

In order to maintain Leopard Gecko's health, misting is always a good idea. Mist is very important for leopard geckos when there are no sources of water in the tank. There are 2 benefits of misting Leopard Gecko as shown below.

  • It provides extra humidity- Misting helps provide more humidity in leopard gecko habitats, which is great for their health.
  • Assist them during shed time- If the humidity level is below 20%, leopard geckos may suffer from shedding problems. During these times, misting can be a great help to them by keeping the temperature above 20%.

Misting Chart for Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos require misting so it is always a good idea to mist them. The chart below shows how often the Leopard gecko should be misted.

Age of GeckosDuration
Adult Leopard gecko (Over 3 months) Twice a week
Hatchlings and Baby Leopard Gecko Daily
Juvenile Leopard gecko (below 3 months) Daily

In order to shed effectively, adult Leopard geckos should be misted daily during the shed period.

What is the best way to Mist my Leopard Gecko?

As you know, misting plays a significant role in leopard geckos' survival so it is very important to know which way of misting a leopard gecko is most effective. To mist your Leopard Gecko, you can use either of the following methods:

  • Manually misting (using a spray bottle)- This method uses a spray bottle to mist your leopard gecko and spray the leopard gecko and walls of the tank to increase humidity and moisture levels. It is easily replaceable and inexpensive. Those pet owners who have a lot of time for their pets and are not too busy are most likely to benefit from this method. You can buy Spray bottles on Amazon.
  • Automated misting (using an automated Mister)- Your leopard gecko will be misted automatically by this method. It controls the humidity level of the habitat at all times. Pet owners who forget to mist their Leopard Gecko or who are too busy and don't give their Leopard Gecko much attention can use these techniques. You can buy a Reptile Humidifier

Can I Mist my Leopard Gecko with Tap Water?

Yes, tap water can be used to mist leopard geckos if the water is treated with any of the following water treatment techniques: Water conditioner, using tap filters, or reverse osmosis filtration.

Tap water without any water treatment can cause serious health issues for leopard geckos because contaminants such as chlorine and pesticides can be found in it.

Is it Safe to Mist Leopard Geckos excessively?

It is not safe to mist leopard geckos excessively because it can cause health issues like respiratory issues and other skin infections. The humidity level in the Leopard gecko habitat can be problematic when it exceeds 40%. Therefore, do not over-mist the habitat of leopard geckos. To know whether your leopard gecko tank's humidity levels are between 20% and 40%, a hygrometer can be extremely helpful. Buy Reptile Hygrometer on Amazon.

What kind of Water is Safe for Leopard Gecko Misting?

Leopard geckos need purified water for misting. By doing so, they can live long and healthy lives free of diseases.

The majority of people mistakenly believe that bottled water, tap water, etc. are safe for leopard geckos, but they still contain harmful chemicals such as chloramines, chlorine, etc. You must purify water with a water treatment system to keep your leopard geckos safe.

When water is purified with the appropriate treatment techniques, any source of water can be used by them, whether it is bottled water, tap water, sink water, etc.