Setting up CO2 System in a Planted Aquarium

It is advised that a planted tank should have carbon dioxide of 20 to 25 ppm. If the value rises above 30 ppm, not just the fish will come under stress but the plants as well. It has been seen fish die when the carbon dioxide levels go to 50 ppm and above.

Carbon dioxide is needed for the planted tank. Carbon dioxide is arguably the most important element in the planted aquarium. It is required for respiration and growth by all aquatic plants and is used in a process called photosynthesis. Plants require a constant supply of carbon dioxide during light hours, otherwise, they can suffer.

Carbon dioxide can thus be gauged by comparing the pH of the tank's water before infection starts and during carbon dioxide injection, during which the pH will drop steadily as carbon dioxide levels build up in the water till it reaches equilibrium. When your injection rate of carbon dioxide equals the rate of off-gassing of carbon dioxide.

Do I really need Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in a planted tank?

Carbon dioxide is arguably the most important element in the planted aquarium. CO2 is required in the photosynthesis process of plants. So Yes, Plants really need Carbon Dioxide to survive and so the Planted Aquarium.

Carbon dioxide is the nutritional basis for Aquatic plants which is supplemented through micro and macronutrients and light. The balance between all these elements is necessary for thriving plant growth in the aquarium.

How do you measure carbon dioxide in a planted tank?

Carbon dioxide drop checker method

This is the most common method of checking the carbon dioxide level present in aquarium water. A drop checker is simply a pH reagent and pH is correlated with carbon dioxide concentration.

The indicator solution in the drop checker changes color depending on the amount of carbon dioxide present in the aquarium. We can easily buy this product on Amazon.

Stages of Carbon dioxide in your Fish Tank

400-700ppm Normal Stage
700-1500ppm Warning Stage
1500-5000ppm Dangerous Stage

Does CO2 Lower the pH in Aquarium?

Carbon dioxide has an effect on the pH levels of aquariums, and this is important to know for all aquariums, particularly those who care for Aquatic plants. The more carbon dioxide generated or injected into the aquarium water, the lower its pH level will be.

Is too much CO2 bad for Aquarium plants?

Excess carbon dioxide levels in the aquarium aren't harmful to your aquarium plants. They can thrive in excess levels and propagate without any complications. However, fish species are at risk of death due to too much carbon dioxide.

Adding carbon dioxide to the aquarium via a gas injection system is a very popular and effective method of increasing carbon dioxide levels in the water. That's great for your plants, but carbon dioxide is highly toxic when overdosed and can be fatal to fish and invertebrates.

Do Fish produce enough Carbon dioxide (CO2) for plants?

The amount of Carbon dioxide needed for your planted tank really depends on the species of plants you want to plant in your tank. If you are keeping low to moderate light aquarium plants in your tank then fish do produce enough carbon dioxide for them.

How do I increase the Carbon dioxide in my tank?

If your tank has the space, adding more oxygen-breathing creatures to your tank will increase the carbon dioxide being released into the tank. Fish will usually produce enough carbon dioxide for low-light plants and lots of fish will usually produce enough for medium-light plants to live but not thrive.

How to lower Carbon dioxide in a tank?

There are 2 ways to reduce carbon dioxide in your aquarium.

Adjust needle valve

A needle valve is a type of valve which can be used to regulate the flow of substances, usually either gas or water, through an appliance or system.

If you're already using a carbon dioxide injection system in your aquarium and your aquarium has more than 30 ppm of Carbon dioxide then you can easily reduce the carbon dioxide by adjusting the needle valve.

Aerating the tank

Aerate your aquarium, you can put an air pump in the corner of your aquarium.

There are a lot of air pumps available on the market or on Amazon. Buy it on Amazon