How to increase the lifespan of fish

New fish owners make this mistake when they don't cycle their tanks. Because the aquarium needs a complete nitrogen cycle before adding fish. Due to this, the lifespan of fish decreases. Setting up the tank beforehand may take two or more weeks. It is necessary to build up enough good bacteria to break down the fish 'wastes'.

By choosing the right aquarium

Choosing a tank with a large surface area to increase the amount of oxygen in contact with the surface of the water wider is better than a taller one.

Keep the tank clean at least once every 2 weeks.

Always choose a tank of 5 gallons or bigger for a single fish. 10 gallons is even better.

Bowls and small tanks pollute too quickly. If you want your fish to live longer as possible give him /her a proper home.

Feed your fish the right food

If you choose to feed your fish more often, then reduce the size of meals so you don't over-feed. Be sure to ask your local fish store if you are in doubt and do research on your own to discover what types of food your fish will need. Using freeze-dried and frozen foods such as bloodworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp provides extra Protein that is a great supplement to a flaked diet.

Like humans wouldn't want to eat the same food every day for every meal, of course not, and neither do your fish. Fish that want properly balanced diets also show their best coloration and activity level.

Use a filter

A filter is a big help for keeping the water clean in an aquarium. A good filter removes waste from a tank (mechanical filtration), gives healthy bacteria colonies a place to thrive (biological filtration), and can reduce harmful natural chemicals in water (chemical filtration).

Use a proper equipment

Taking care of fish is a big task. They need proper equipment like filters, heaters, thermometers, etc. Adding an Aerator to your Aquarium is beneficial for some main reasons.

It increases the oxygen level in your water tank, making it easier for your fish to breathe. Fish that can breathe easily and have fun in their environment are sure to live longer than those that don't.

Use live plants

Live plants have many health benefits. Live plants in your Aquarium provide a natural-looking home for your fish because They are also living. They also help to reduce waste by using it as nutrients to feed them and releasing oxygen into the water. We have to take care of live plants as they grow. Plants need proper cutting and it may harm the fish fins. Aquarium plants are too soft so they didn't harm the fish.

Bigmouth buffalo

Bigmouth buffalo has the highest life span. A radiocarbon dating describes a bigmouth buffalo that lived to a whopping 112 years. Bigmouth buffalo are often called "trash fish" because they're not usually eaten. They have an important role in maintaining the health of their native rivers displacing invasive carp

Fact about fish

  • The age of fish is determined by counting the number of annuli or year marks. 
  • The only fish that can blink is a shark. 
  • Most fish are cold-blooded unlike us who are warm-blooded. 
  • Tuna and mackerel sharks have warm blood like us and opah fish also have warm blood.

Most fish are divided into 2 categories

Saltwater fish

Saltwater fish come from the ocean. These fish tend to live longer, the average lifespan is 10 years. This all depends on a high-quality environment and plenty of nutritious food. In a stressful environment, fish in aquariums can die young due to disease. The best example of saltwater fish is" Mahi-Mahi "

Freshwater fish

Freshwater fish are found in shallow wetlands, lakes, and rivers. These fish are milder and does not have the bring taste. These Fish are able to adapt quickly to constantly changing environments and have a higher degree of diversity amongst species. Well known example of freshwater fish is "salmon"

Factors affect the lifespan of fish

  • Water quality of fish tank or nitrate levels
  • Temperature of aquarium
  • Healthy living conditions
  • Cleanliness of tank
  • Reproduction health of fish
  • Environment